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“The world’s only Free-Air Carbon Dioxide Enrichment experiment in a mature, warm temperate forest ecosystem”

The EucFACE experiment at the foot of the World Heritage Blue Mountains. Western Sydney, Australia.
The world's only Free Air CO2 Enrichment research facility in a mature, warm temperate woodland
We raise the CO2 concentration to around 550 ppm, the level we expect the atmosphere to hold by 2050
Six carbon-fibre rings, three act as controls, and three release CO2 gas into the eucalypt canopy air
Vapourisers convert liquid CO2 into gaseous form
Computer-controlled valves regulate the amount of gas released into each ring, maintaining a stable CO2 concentration
Raised walkways protect the forest floor vegetation while researchers are working
Hundreds of sensors and instruments record every aspect of the ecosystem's response
Our findings to date confirm the vital role the world's forests play as a store for atmospheric carbon

We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the Cumberland Plain area which are on Dharug country. We want to pay our respects to Elders past and present. Read more about the Dharug territory here >> 

EucFACE – Eucalyptus Free Air Carbon Dioxide Enrichment Experiment – is designed to predict the effects of rapidly rising atmospheric carbon dioxide on Australia’s unique native forests. No such experiment of this size has ever been done in the Southern Hemisphere.

To contact us please use the contact form at the bottom of this page. There are also contact details for people involved with EucFACE here.


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