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Listed below are the details of all projects, past and ongoing, undertaken at the EucFACE facility.

P0010Sally Fry, Shun HasegawaPilot study to investigate spatial and temporal heterogeneity in soil chemistry using ion exchange strips
P0019Oula Sharwood, Paul RymerImpact of environmental change on photosynthetic biochemistry and gene expression of eucalypts and understory species
P0011Uffe Powell, Samantha Prior, Brendan DelroyBelowground impacts of P-fertilization in Cumberland Plain Woodlands
P0020David CrousWoodland response to elevated CO2 in FACE: Does phosphorus limit the sink for C?
P0018David Gimeno, David Tissue, Tony O’Grady, Tim McVicarWhat will be the hydrological consequences of elevated CO2? An experimental test of the impacts of elevated CO2 on evapotranspiration in mature Australian woodland.
P0012Ben SpencerHow will elevated CO2 affect the timing, duration and quality of nectar production in E. tereticornis, and what will be the consequences for nectarivores?
P0013Ben Riegler, Scott JohnsonHow will elevated CO2 affect the nutritional and secondary chemical quality of eucalypt foliage for marsupial folivores?
 Ben Moore  How will elevated CO2 affect the rate and quality of sap flow, and what will be the consequences for exudivorous marsupials?
 Ben Moore  How will marsupial folivores respond to elevated CO2-induced changes in foliar nutrition, secondary chemistry and leaf phenology?
P0014Jeff Powell, Drigo, Uffe Nielsen, Sally Power, Brajesh Singh, Catriona Macdonald, Ian Anderson, Sara Hortal BotifollBelowground impacts of elevated CO2 in Cumberland Plain Woodland
P0015Paul Vegetative and sexual reproduction in EucFACE
P0016Markus HallAnalysis of the microbiome associated with Australian Psylloidea using 454-pyrosequencing
P0017Andrew Riegler, Scott JohnsonCO2 mediated effects on frass dynamics as proxy for insect herbivore abundance and alterations in short term nutrient cycling within a mature eucalypt forest
P0023Sally Fry, Shun HasegawaHow does elevated CO2 affect the availability and economy of soil nutrients?
P0024Sally ToyDetermining plant traits of understory herbaceous species found in a Eucalyptus woodland along a soil moisture gradient
P0025David Drewdavid.drew@csiro.auDavid Ellsworth, Pat MitchellShort term growth responses to varying environmental conditions, and associated wood property variation under elevated [CO2]
P0026Catriona Powe, Shun HasegawaDoes elevated CO2 stimulate rates of N and P mineralisation, nitrification and free-living N2-fixation in a Eucalyptus woodland and alter associated microbial community structure?
P0027Brajesh Lo•c Nazaries,Ms Catarina MartinsHow does elevated CO2 influence the net fluxes of CH4 and N2O in an Eucalyptus woodland and alter associated microbial community structure?
P0028Matthias Boer, GhannoumUsing multispectral stereo imaging to determine the impacts of free air CO2 enrichment on grassy understory vegetation in Cumberland Plain woodland.
P0029Sally Power, Rymer, Matthias Boer, Shun Hasegawa, Tony HaighImpacts of elevated CO2 on understorey plant community composition and dynamics
P0030Uffe Nielsen, Moore, Sally Power, Jeff PowellImpacts of elevated CO2 on litter decomposition in Cumberland Plain Woodlands
P0031John Tjoelker, Peter Reich, Brajesh Singh, Ian Anderson, Catriona MacdonaldSoil respiration under elevated [CO2] at EucFACE
P0032John Tjoelker, Peter Reich, Brajesh Singh, Ian Anderson, Catriona MacdonaldFollowing the ÒnewÓ carbon belowground: isotopic tracing of the fumigation gas at EucFACE
P0019Kristine Addendum to P0019
P0034Brendan Ellsworth, Teresa Gimeno, Sebastian Pfautsch, Stefan Arndt, Gregor SandersImpact of elevated CO2 on xylem structure and hydraulic traits in a Eucalyptus woodland.
P0035David Phosphorus addition enhances photosynthesis and growth of E. tereticornis.
P0037Remko Gimeno, Matthias Boer, Darius Culvenor, Glenn Newnham,Craig Barton, David EllsworthStructure of the EucFACE canopy: laser scanning, hemispherical photography, and modelling.
P0038Kara YoungentobKara.Youngentob@csiro.auDavid Ellsworth, Alex Held, Tim McVicar, Guy Byrne, Ben Moore, Kristine Crous, Teresa GimenoHyperspectral remote sensing of canopy chemistry in elevated CO2
P0039Peter Reich, Kristine Ellsworth, Mark Tjoelker, Ben Moore, Paul RymerDoes increased C supply increase leaf life span?
P0040Andrew Gherlenda, Markus; Johnson, Tony Haigh, Ben MooreLeaf consumption and damage of eucalypt feeding insects under elevated CO2
P0041Brad Oberlebrad.oberle@gmail.comAmy Zanne, Brendan Choat, Peter Reich, Jeff PowellWhen a tree doesnÕt fall in the forest (at least for awhile): Alternative pathways for wood decay
P0028Matthias Addendum to P0028
P0044Ulo Niinemetsylo.niinemets@emu.eeDavid EllsworthBiogenic trace C emissions of volatiles from leaves of trees in eastern Australia
P0045David Terrer, Catherine BeattieLong-term tree diameter measurements for tree growth at EucFACE
P0046Belinda De Kauwe, Sonke Zahele, Anthony Walker, Remko DuursmaUnderstanding how native Australian vegetation will respond to elevated CO2 treatment – a model-data intercomparison.
P0047Teresa Ellsworth, David Tissue, Craig Barton, Tim McVicar, Anthony O’Grady, Lu ZhangMonitoring groundwater levels in a native old-growth Cumberland plain forest (Addendum to P0018)
P0043Scott Facey, Prof David EllsworthThe effects of elevated CO2 on the architecture of a native Australian shrub and its tri-trophic interactions
Dr. Remko Duursma
P0048Jeff Anderso, Jen Walker, Matthias RilligSwitching partners: a driving force for tree productivity in a changing environment?
P0050Matthias Ellsworth , Victor Resco De Dios Ross BradstockÒWhen fire and water mix: Do CO2-related water savings drive woody thickening and fire dynamics in a grassy woodland?Ó and “Measurement of shrub plantings as a direct test of the woody thickening hypothesisÓ
P0051Scott Facey, David Ellsworth, Lisa Bromfield, Markus Riegler, Uffe NielsenMeasuring flying and understory invertebrate abundance and diversity in ambient and enriched CO2 conditions
P0052Sally Drake, Mark Tjoelker, Raœl Ochoa Hueso, Shun HasegawaImpacts of elevated CO2 on the production and biomass of fine roots, and soil P cycling
P0053Not Approved   
P0054Brajesh Macdonald, John Drake, Pete Millard, Landcare, NZ, Andy Midwood (JHI, UK), Kirsten Hannam (Canada)Differentiating response of autrotrophic and heterotrophic respiration under elevated CO2 treatments
P0055Teresa Webeck; David EllsworthInteractive effects of nutrient limitation and climatic variability on the growth and phenology of mature eucalypt trees
P0056Owen Zhu; Lucy Hayes; Jack Egerton; Danielle Creek ; Brendan ChoatBaseline TERN Supersite plant physiological measurements
P0057Petre Stomatal size and density response in a Eucalyptus canopy exposed to elevated CO2
P0058Rebecca Montgomeryrebeccam@umn.eduDavid Ellsworth; Mark TjoelkerThe role of leaf carbohydrate status in the regulation of carbon metabolism in leaves
P0059Elise MattaMonitoring CO2 and CH4 concentration and isotopic composition in a Eucalyptus teriticornis canopy
P0060Justin MageeEffects of C02 enrichment on Cumberland Plain Woodland avifauna
P0061David Oula Ghannoum; Dr Kristine Crous; Ms. Varsha PathareSeasonal photosynthesis and biomass of the Cumberland plain woodland understorey species under elevated CO2
P0062Catriona Ochoa Hueso; Teresa Gimeno; Manuel Delgado BaquerizoDetermining the contribution of lichen and cyanobacterial communities, and of stem flow and through flow, to nutrient cycling in Cumberland Plain woodland and responses to elevated CO2.
P0063Louise Rutting; Catriona Macdonald; John DrakeEffects from elevated CO2 on flux and abundance of free amino acid in soil via depolymerisation and root exudation.
P0064Kristine Tjoelker; John Drake; Mike Aspinwall; Owen AtkinDoes elevated CO2 influence the temperature sensitivity of leaf respiration?
P0065James Cookjames.cook@uws.eduSally PowerDynamics of an obligate plant / pollinator mutualism under climate change
P0066Jen Powell, Elliot JonesPositive feedback: are the potential nutrient acquisition abilities of ectomycorrhizal fungi increased under elevated CO2?
P0067Andrew Riegler; Lluvia Flores RenteriaNutritional modification of eucalypt leaves by psyllids under different nymphal densities and CO2 treatments
P0068Manuel Delgado Ochoa-Hueso; Peter B. Reich, Sally Power; Brajesh K. SinghHow does soil biotic legacy from multiple global change impacts influence the resistance of ecosystem multifunctionality to increases in temperature
P0069Kristine Tjoelker; Owen AtkinSeasonal responses of leaf respiration to long-term elevated CO2 in EucFACE.
P0070Judith de PowerIs microbial respiration in EucFACE soil limited by phosphorus?
P0071Wouter H. Ellswoth; Teresa Gimeno; Alfredo Huete(UTS); Kathy Steppe (Ghent Uni Belgium)Acquiring high resolution maps of water use efficiency of Australian forests
P0072Jeff Powell, Reynolds; Burhan AmijiDescribing soil type across the EucFACE site
P0073Brendan Peters; Markus NolfAssessing vulnerability of Australian forests to drought
P0074Yolima Castaneda GomezMycorrhizae-mediated mechanisms for soil organic matter decomposition under elevated CO2
P0075Prof. Ross Sawyer; Matthias M. Boer; Luke CollinsAssessment of flammability by analysis of leaf combustion characteristics and fire behaviour Ð Task 4 of ARCD 130102576
P0076Remko elevated CO2 increase leaf temperature? Analysis of infrared thermometer data
P0077Christopher and seasonal effects on activity of insectivorous bats
P0078Belinda Pfautsch, Remko Duursma, David Ellsworth, John Drake, Mike Aspinwall, David Tissue, Craig BartonDoes exposure to elevated CO2 facilitate recovery from severe defoliation by herbivores?
P0079David Carrillo; Kristine CrousTesting the stoichiometric plasticity of C and N and P in tree stems in elevated CO2 at EucFACE
P0080Uffe Moore, Sally Power, Jeff PowellEvaluating plant- and environmental- drivers of litter decomposition responses to elevated CO2 in a Cumberland Plain Woodland
P0081Elise RenchonMonitoring CO2, CH4 and water fluxes below a Eucalyptus teriticornis canopy
P0082Katerina Novotny , James CookLatitudinal patterns in herbivore performance and herbivory in hostile and enemy-free space: the struggle for safety
P0083Juan Pi–eiro Power; Raul Ochoa Hueso , Manuel Delgado BaquerizoFine root decomposition at the EucFACE experiment